Store Status: Update

Due to the recent state of the world, we at Chimera Hobby & Games are taking precautions to ensure both your safety and ours.

All in-store games are Postponed for the immediate future.

While they are postponed, I am working on a way to move them online and figure out what kind of scheduling that will require. More information will be posted as it comes up.

We have a Discord Server!

Join by Clicking Here

• The main channels are there to keep connected and relay information. (Keep topics and language PG13)

• There will be a Loyalty Member section that will grant other fun stuff for those members.

• Most of our RPG game servers have been merged into there as well.

Contact a Moderator to let them know you need the proper role to see the channels.

We have stepped up our cleaning protocols and are regularly wiping down all surfaces that can come in contact with customers and hand sanitizer is available as well. All single cards have been removed from the main floor, and we ask that if you are or may be sick, please self quarantine and do not come in.

Chimera Hobby & Games will remain open as long as possible to ensure you are able to grab The Explorer's Guide to Wildemount releasing on Tuesday, stock up on paints, minis, and games to help keep you busy!

As always we want all our players, staff, friends, and family members to be safe, healthy, and happy. Take whatever precautions you feel you need to and stay safe out there.

~ Chimera Hobby & Games Management


Find us at:
548 Hwy 32 S
Thief River Falls, MN 56701

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